Let’s Fly Away: Outer Banks

Let's Fly Away: Outer Banks // Elembee // Curating Style

Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

Hi Curating Style readers! I’m Lisa from Elembee, and I’m happy to be guest posting for Jess while she’s away! Since Jess can’t pack us in her suitcase to join in her beach day (I. WISH.), I thought I’d bring the beach to us. I’d love to lounge on the beach all day in a comfy sling chair with a good book (Jess and I share a love for dystopian novels, and I loved The Maze Runner!) and a striped sun hat for shade. How would you spend your day on the beach?

Let's Fly Away: Outer Banks - Shop // Elembee // Curating Style

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Thanks, Lisa. (I can’t wait to meet and room with her at Alt Summit 2013 in SLC!) Check out her Let’s Fly Away weekly feature—you’ll find yourself booking a trip in no time.

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