If I Played Hooky…

I’m not playing hooky today—in fact, I have a day full of meetings at work—but if I was, this is what I’d be doing…

If I Played Hooky // Curating Style

J.Crew striped tee | J.Crew roll-up boyfriend shorts | Lanvin satin ballet flats | J.Crew bubble earrings | Design Darling Lindsey bracelet | iced coffee (source) | Where We Belong | Emanations of Grace | The New York Times

Notables: Clean, preppy-inspired look (based on my preferred color palette), the brand new Emily Giffin book, a book from my college mentor (actually received this over the weekend as a gift), a chance to complete the Times crossword. I can usually finish it on Tuesdays.

What would your “if I played hooky” day look like?

Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!

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