Get Ready for Black Friday

Do you participate in Black Friday activities? Personally, I don’t actually visit any stores in person, but I’m always more than happy to take a look at the deals in my pajama pants at my computer. (My mom has worked in retail for decades, and so Black Friday was always a dreaded “holiday” in our house!) In my tips for planning ahead for holiday gift giving, I talk about Before I make any purchase online, this is one of my stops; aggregates coupons, sales, and other info for shoppers, and you can usually find a free shipping code or discount on there.

I just heard that the second version of RetailMeNot’s iPhone app has launched, just in time for Black Friday. Optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, I couldn’t resist downloading it. (If there’s an app, I’m in!) I like the geo-fencing and geo-targeting feature which has been so popular among mobile apps, since the coupons shown to you can be location-configured. You can also save coupons for later if you’re not yet ready to make a purchase, and the ability to add coupons to Apple iOS 6′s Passbook is even better for user experience. This is what the app looks like in action:

RetailMeNot iPhone App // Curating Style

Download the RetailMeNot iPhone app right here. I also wanted to share with you some of my tips for hitting the stores on Friday:

Prep your gear. Charge your cell phone, prepare a cold water bottle to bring, and pack a piece of fruit or a granola bar—just in case!

Make a plan. Though it’s unlikely anyone’s trying to do any casual browsing on Black Friday, you might still be interested in browsing. Put your plan together in advance to help you prioritize what to look for. A 60″ TV? Write it on the list. Otherwise you might find yourself distracted by some shiny object across the room. Also, don’t forget to set your budget! (For what it’s worth, I’ll be doing some casual browsing at UES boutiques on Friday. I can’t really imagine Lilly Pulitzer being too crazy, but if anyone has experience with Black Friday in Manhattan – and not Macy’s Times Square – please chip in.)

Bring a buddy. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes make impulsive decisions if I’m faced with a good sale and there’s no one around to dissuade me. Invite a sensible friend to come shopping so you don’t lead yourself astray.

Don’t lose your mind. I feel like violent crime spikes on Black Friday. Don’t let yourself participate in the crazy.

Have a great Thanksgiving and good luck to those of you braving the crowds on Black Friday!

Disclosure: RetailMeNot has sponsored me to write about this post, but I have used RetailMeNot in the past and will continue to do so regardless of any compensation. As always, I would never write or feature any brand that I would not otherwise use or consider for review on my blog. If you have any questions about my policies, feel free to email me!

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