Celebrate! Dads and Fathers

With Father’s Day around the corner, here are some ideas I’ve rounded up for the classic American dad. (Though really, I think most men with a preppy or Americana sense of style would enjoy these!) In need of more ideas? Check out another gift guide for the men in your life.

Gifts for Father's Day // Curating Style

I don’t know a dad who foregoes his coffee. This Chemex is the perfect mix of art and caffeine. Or what about a needlepoint flask to bring to the ball games?

If the father in your life is plagued by women’s need to put candles everywhere, try a sandalwood scented candle that will be more man-friendly. Or how about a useful container of Otter Wax to waterproof his wax-coated canvas coats?

Show me a man who feels comfortable with sweat dripping into his eyes and I’ll call you a liar. A bandana or handkerchief stuffed in a pocket will definitely help. Maybe he has a trip coming up—this nylon stowaway duffle is a great union of functionality and style.

What are your plans for Father’s Day? Sadly, I’m a six hours’ drive from my dad, but I’ll be calling him and my uncle this coming Sunday.

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