Be Right Back

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” —Joseph Campbell

I’m pretty terrible at some things, and one of them is going with the flow. Since I moved to Columbus in August 2010, my life has moved in a completely different direction than I thought; I struggle a lot with what I thought my life would be like and how it actually is. None of it’s bad. It’s just different. Life is good, more than good, it’s just that many things were unexpected.

Another thing you should know is that for years I tried to journal and write, but usually I’d give up after a month or so. This blog is the longest, most consistent project I’ve taken on in recent years, though I know I’ve been unreliable lately. It causes me a fair bit of guilt not to have a post up during the weekdays, and that I haven’t spared the time to research more preppy sartorial history or gather stylish deals from around the Web. I’ve always aimed to bring fresh, original content to you, and lately I just haven’t wanted to spare energy or valuable free time with friends to work on that. I’ll be back soon though. (And one of these days I’ll stop with dropping by these posts saying, “I’ll be back! I promise.” and just be back.)

I did want to tell you something exciting, though! You’ll find me over on The Atelier next Wednesday with a DIY hostess gift for the holidays. Melissa is one of my favorite new blogs, and I was so honored that she asked me to be part of her series. Be sure to stop by her blog sometime.

DIY Hostess Gift // Curating Style

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