101 Things in 1001 Days + Life List

I love resolutions and goals; I also love ‘to do’ lists—especially checking things off—and taking notes. I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I’ve already accomplished:

    Lived in Cairo. Rode a camel in Sinai. Went to Spain during Holy Week. Visited Maine and had my picture taken next to the L.L.Bean boot. Learned to drive a manual. Acquired a driver’s license. Lived alone. Vacationed alone. Moved in with someone. Attended a gallery exhibition opening featured in the New York Times. Made my own letterpress stationery. Got over my fear of heights (thanks to climbing minarets). Attended a Hindu wedding. Got my yoga on at Ohio Stadium in the ‘Shoe. Traveled south of the Mason-Dixon Line (several times!) and lived to tell the tale. Read more than 100 books in a year. Toured an active U.S. submarine.

That’s all I can remember right now. But I know there are lots of things I’ve done, but even more left to tackle. So on top of my summer bucket list, I’m making yet another list.

101 Things in 1001 Days // Curating Style

  1. Wipe + sell/donate old MacBook (July 2012)
  2. Create a living will
  3. Donate business clothing to Dress for Success
  4. Sort through contacts (paper, phone)
  5. Visit five new states (1/5)
  6. Visit 15 new cities (ATL)
  7. Return to Boston for a weekend trip
  8. Visit the West Coast
  9. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  10. Go someplace extra nerdy (like Platform Nine and Three-Quarters or Universal’s Harry Potter)
  11. Visit the Empire State Building
  12. Visit the New York Public Library
  13. Spend a day at the Met (what I loved at the Met, August 2012)
  14. Go for a run in Central Park
  15. Vacation with Cody + Joanne
  16. Go on a spontaneous weekend road trip
  17. Go on a mileage run
  18. Go on a day trip to the Toledo Mosque
  19. Go on a day trip to Our Lady of Consolation shrine
  20. Take a last minute flight the same day of purchase
  21. Travel somewhere outside the U.S. again
  22. Spin a globe and point (eyed closed) to a spot on the map, then travel to wherever it lands
  23. Sightsee on a Vespa/scooter
  24. Meet at least one of my blogger friends in real life (BlogHer ’12 in NYC)
  25. Try out VRBO or Airbnb
  26. Run a sub-55 minute 10K
  27. Run a half-marathon
  28. Raise money for Girls on the Run of Franklin County through SoleMates
  29. Buy a swimming lesson-appropriate bathing suit
  30. Take swimming lessons
  31. Establish a yoga routine
  32. Collaborate with a brand I love
  33. Redesign my blog
  34. Post five personal style shoots
  35. Make a vlog post
  36. Contribute to a magazine (print or digital)
  37. Start a business
  38. Attend Alt Summit
  39. Establish a professional portfolio
  40. Complete Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University
  41. Advance my understanding and utility of SEO to write a blog series about it
  42. Attend SxSW
  43. Learn about scotch and find one that I like
  44. Take a ballroom dance class
  45. Take a calligraphy class
  46. Learn how to a shoot a gun
  47. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator
  48. Go thrift shopping (my first time thrifting, August 2012)
  49. Go antique hunting
  50. Go jet skiing
  51. Go zip lining (check out my photos from zip lining in Columbus, July 2012)
  52. Go kayaking again (August 2012)
  53. Learn to ski
  54. Ride in a hot air balloon
  55. Go on a rollercoaster
  56. Buy a classic navy blazer
  57. Invest in a pair of brown boots (October 2012)
  58. Own a pair of Louboutins
  59. Wear false eyelashes (October 2012)
  60. Wear my hair curly for a day
  61. Learn how to use my DSLR properly (so that I enjoy it as much as my manual SLRs)
  62. Read 300 books (15/300)
  63. Re-read all the books from Theories
  64. Read a book written by each of my college mentors
  65. Take Arabic classes again
  66. Reduce student loan debt by half
  67. Learn more about investing and open an account (non-IRA)
  68. Write a short story
  69. Submit a letter to the editor
  70. Have boudoir photos taken
  71. Keep a one-sentence journal
  72. Write a letter to myself, to be opened on my 30th birthday
  73. Actually send out Christmas cards to friends and family on time
  74. Create a piece of art
  75. Donate annually to UR (2012)
  76. Return to UR for a student-alumni networking event
  77. Organize a UR event in Columbus
  78. Write 50 thank you notes
  79. Actually dress up in a cool costume for Halloween
  80. Make a video to look back on when I grow older
  81. Cook 101 new recipes (6/101)
  82. Make soft pretzels
  83. Make macarons
  84. Make pad thai
  85. Make braciole
  86. Make pickles
  87. Make a sourdough starter and a loaf of sourdough bread
  88. Try cheese curds
  89. Finish outfitting the bar
  90. Try food from 30 different food trucks
  91. Eat gluten-free for a week
  92. Enjoy a meal at the Worthington Inn
  93. Go hiking in Hocking Hills (November 2012)
  94. Make 20 things off of Pinterest (2/20)
  95. Complete a home improvement DIY project
  96. Host a game night with friends
  97. Create an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase jewelry
  98. Make a photo book
  99. Buy a coffee table
  100. Help someone apply for financial aid
  101. Give 20 “just because” gifts (1/20)

Might not occur in 1001 days…

    Join the George Eastman Circle or contribute more substantially to UR. Write a fiction novel. Write and design a children’s book. Read the Qur’an. Visit Pablo Neruda’s home. Go to a World Cup. Return to Egypt on vacation. Visit Jerusalem. Visit my paternal family’s hometown in central Sicily. Go on vacation to France and Germany. Get married (and have a photobooth at my wedding). Have a family. Acquire a dog, maybe a cat. Have neighbors who become friends. Live in New York City. Settle down on the east coast. Vacation on Nantucket. Fill up a passport with stamps. Make going on vacation with college friends an annual trip. Learn to snorkel. Take flying lessons.

Since starting this list—it’s taken me almost two weeks to compile it—I’ve already been making efforts toward these things. For example, I’ve already contacted a lawyer about preparing a living will, and I finally wiped my MacBook. It feels good to take care of some of the mental clutter and also get shit done.

Do you have a list of things you hope to accomplish? Feel free to share some of your things to do in the next 1001 days!

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